Sandy Graham

Additional Materials in F19

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Lecture Self-Check

Here are some quick self-check problems. After each lecture, I will try to post one or two short questions that you should be able to answer based on the previous lecture material. These are problems that you should be able to answer before the beginning of the next lecture.

Please do not ask me to post the solutions to these problems. Do not ask about these problems on the Learn discussion forum. The purpose here is for you as an individual to determine if you have understood the previous material, and that you can create your own solution. In most cases, you should know if your answer is correct by typing in a solution in DrRacket.

If you are unable to come up with your own solutions for these problems then I encourage you to visit office hours, as soon as possible, to make sure you understand the material from the course. You are also welcome to bring your answers to the problems to office hours to confirm that they are good solutions.