CS 115: Introduction to Computer Science 1


Information about the final exam will be posted on this page when it becomes available.

Midterm Exam:

Date and Time: Monday, October 29th, from 7:00PM to 8:50PM.

All seating is assigned. A link will be posted here before the day of the exam where you can find out what room, row, and seat you are assigned. Your seating information will be found here.

  • Bring your WatCard to the exam for ID.
  • Before you sit down at the exam, check the picture, name and ID that will already be stamped on the exam - if it is not yours, look up your room and seat again (lists will be posted in the room) or see the proctor.

Coverage: The exam will cover the material in all of Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, as well up to slide 57 in module 5. The exam includes the material from assignments 1 through 5, and labs 01 through 06.

Additional Aids: You will be given a reference sheet with your exam. It will list some Racket functions that may prove useful on the exam. A sample reference sheet is available here. Calculators are forbidden.

General Exam Instructions: (These instructions will appear on your midterm exam.)

  • Before you begin, make certain that you have one Exam Booklet, and a Reference Sheet.
  • The Racket language level is Beginning Student.
  • Supply exactly the parts of the design recipe requested in each question. Unless otherwise told, "complete" a function means you should provide just the body of the function.
  • You may use [a] helper functions where you feel it is needed unless explicitly told otherwise. For each helper function, you are only required to write the function header and body. Helper functions may be written after the primary function if you wish.
  • You may use any function defined in the exam as a helper function for any other function.
  • All solutions must be placed in the booklet.
  • If you need more space to complete an answer, you are likely writing too much. However, if you need more space, use the last page, and indicate that you have done so in the original question.
  • Do not write on or near the QR code in the top corner of each page. Doing so may result in loss of marks.

Preparing for the exam:

  • The best way to prepare for a CS exam is to practice solving problems: try the assignment and lab problems again (without looking at the solutions), look in the textbook for problems, form study groups, and write up problem sets for yourselves.
  • Practice writing code without the computer. This skill is different from writing code with a computer. Try it before the exam!
  • Review your notes and the additional problems solved in class.
  • Practice tracing code. Use the stepping tool provided on the CS 115 webpage. Practice condensed traces as well.
  • Review all steps of the design recipe and practice each component.
  • Seek assistance from course staff as needed.
  • Two old midterms (from Spring 2010 and Spring 2012) have been posted in the Math Society Exam Bank webpage for your review. No solutions will be made available, but you can visit office hours for assistance with specific questions. The sample exams can be used as part of your preparation for the midterm. Please be aware that the language used to be called Scheme and is now called Racket. In addition the design recipe style guide has changed in recent terms, so some parts of the exam will look different compared to the format you will expect to see for this term. In addition, course content and emphasis changes from one term to the next.
  • The course web page does not archive assignments from past terms, but it's possible to use the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive to view snapshots of past offerings of the course, and extract past assignments from there for study purposes. You can start at a summary page of snapshots of the course website. The assignments from Spring 2013 are here, for example. The same notes apply to past assignments as past exams: course material may have drifted, so use with caution.

Assignment Solutions: Solutions for all assignments are available through the course webpage here. Please do not wait until the last minute to review the solutions. Solutions for the lab exercises will not be posted. No sample exam will be posted.

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