CS 115: Introduction to Computer Science 1


Grading Scheme

The grading scheme for Fall 2018 is as follows:
  • Participation: 5%
  • Assignments: 20%
  • Midterm: 30%
  • Final Exam: 45%
  • Bonus Labs: 2%
  • There is one midterm this term, worth 30%.
  • You must pass the weighted exam average in order to pass the course. For example, if you get 60% on the midterm (18/30) and 40% on the final (18/45), then you will not pass the course since your weighted exam average is 36/75 (less than 50%). This is independent of your assignment grade. If instead you received 40% on the midterm (12/30) and 60% on the final (27/45), then your weighted exam average is 39/75, a passing grade. In this case, you must get at least 11/25 on the assignments and participation to pass the course (since your final grade would be 50/100).
  • There will be 9 weekly assignments counting for 20% of the final grade,
    • Assignment 0 is not worth any marks, but it must be submitted.
    • Assignments 1-9 will be equally weighted.
    • Your assignment with the lowest mark of assignments 1 through 9 will be dropped from your final grade. In order for the lowest mark on assignment 1 through 9 to be removed you must have submitted assignment 0 correctly and submitted at least 6 assignments. (excluding discipline cases)
  • Assignments are created by the instructor and are marked by the graduate student teaching assistants and ISAs based on specifications drawn up by the instructor. The midterm and final are created by the instructor and marked by the instructors, ISAs, and all graduate teaching assistants.
  • The best 75% of clicker grades will be counted into the grade
  • In order to receive the 2% bonus for labs, labs must be submitted by the due date listed in MarkUs and and you must pass the weighted exam average and the basic grade calculation above. Tests will be run on your code and a lab mark will be given if you receive a mark of 50% or more on a lab. All the labs are equally weighted. Only labs 2-12 will be counted. You do not need to complete all of the labs for a bonus. You can achieve up to 2% if you complete all of the labs.

Grade Appeals

Assignments: Students can email the ISAs to request assignment remarks, which will be accepted up to two weeks after the marks for the assignment in question have been released. Note that the assignment will be completely remarked by a different marker and your grade may increase or decrease as a result of any remark request. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, contact the instructor.

Term Marks

Please go to Learn to check your grades.

Midterms: If, after checking the sample solutions and midterm post-mortem, you have problems with the marking of your midterm exam, you need to email the ISAs with the midterm remark request form below within two weeks after the marked exams are made available. In all cases, you should check the posted sample solutions and post-mortem to understand your errors. The midterm remark request survey will be created on Learn right after the mark being released.

All grades will be posted on Learn

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