CS 115: Introduction to Computer Science 1


All programming problems will use DrRacket, an instructional development environment tailored for use with the CS 115 textbook. DrRacket is available for Unix (including Linux), OS X, and Windows (95 and up). Labs use Macintosh computers running OS X. We encourage students to download this environment and use it on their own computers. DrRacket is also available on the Unix Math and CS undergraduate course environments (command "drracket" under X11).

To use the Macintosh computers in the lab, you need to log on and change your password during the first week of classes. The first lab will help you through this procedure.

The links below provide materials for the weekly labs, including interface files. You are strongly encouraged to start preparation before your lab.

Accessing Files: To use any of the Racket files, you must save them from the webpage onto your computer by right clicking on the file name and seleting the option "Save Link as...". This will open a dialogue box that will allow you to save the Racket file on your computer and open it using DrRacket on your computer. Please do not use Internet Explorer to attempt to access files; the option to save the file does not exist. Any other browser is acceptable.

Please note the labs are worth up to 2% bonus. Any lab that obtains a mark of 50% or over will contribute to that 2% bonus.

Questions, Interface files, Teachpacks, and Documentation

Lab 10 : Abstract List Functions (Due on November 19th at 4:00PM)

Lab 09 : Processing Two Lists (Due on November 12th at 4:00PM)

Lab 08 : Structural Recursion on Numbers (Due on November 5th at 4:00PM)

Lab 07 : Recursion (Due on October 29th at 4:00PM)

Lab 06 : Lists (Due October 22nd at 4:00PM)

Lab 05 : Structures (Due October 15th at 4:00PM)

Lab 04 : Booleans, Predicates, Conditionals (Due October 1st at 4:00PM)

Lab 03 : The Design Recipe and Helper Functions (Due September 24th at 4:00 PM)

Lab 02 : Designing functions (Due September 17th at 4:00 PM)

Lab 01 : Basics, using DrRacket