CS 115: Introduction to Computer Science 1


This page contains links to resources which might be useful to CS 115 students.

  • Schemers.org, with extensive links to Scheme resources.
  • The Scheme Cookbook, a compendium of advanced techniques, many specific to PLT Scheme. It won't be much of much use in your course work, but if you have ambitions to use Scheme in a project, it's a good source of information.
  • Lambda the Ultimate, a community weblog on research in programming languages. There's more to life than Java and C++!
  • The Community Scheme Wiki. Like most wikis, this is only as good as its volunteer contributors, but at least the subject is apropos.
  • A project at Carnegie-Mellon University on closing the gender gap in computer science education. This was part of the motivation for the development of CS 115/116 as well as CS 135/136.
  • Scheme testimonials (mostly from high school teachers, but some college/university links as well).
  • The Perils of Java Schools, an article on the popular Joel on Software blog arguing that students need to learn Scheme and C. Some of the arguments here are debatable, but the general theme of going beyond the mundane is worth considering.
  • MapReduce: See how Google uses the functional programming paradigm to do parallel processing on huge data sets. This is a good read after going through module 10 on functional abstraction.
  • Scheme Workshop 2006: Short abstracts of technical papers reflecting some current research and development projects involving Scheme. These vary in accessibility, but skimming the abstracts gives a good sense of the state of the art.
  • Racket Documentation, a list of functions in Racket, including those taught in class.

    Please check the allowed functions post on the course webpage before using any functions listed in this documentation on assignments.

  • iClicker Registration link for iClicker registration.
  • Allowable built in functions.
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