CS 115: Introduction to Computer Science 1

CS 115 Basic Test Request

To request the testing of files for a particular lab or assignment, click the appropriate lab or assignment link below. The test results are sent to your student.cs email address and automatically forwarded to your WatIAM email address (the email you set in Lab 01 Step 3).

We have provided this facility to allow you to check to see if your functions perform correctly on simple cases. This can help catch errors such as using the wrong name of the function, having the wrong number of parameters, or returning a value of the wrong type. You will neither lose nor gain marks by using these tests. The benefit to you is to ensure that you don't end up losing all the marks for an assignment due to a trivial mistake.

The tests we provide are not comprehensive. Your functions passing the tests is not a guarantee of correctness. For all assignments, you should be fully testing your own work as part of the design recipe. Your work will be subject to more thorough testing by us when the assignment due date arrives.

Select assignment or lab to test:

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