CS 116: Introduction to Computer Science 2


Please see the resource page for information about the tools you should use to complete these assignments.

There are 9 assignments this term, all equally weighted. Your grade will be based on the best 8 of these 9 assignments.

Assignment 02 (due at 10:00 AM on Wed, May 29th):

Assignment 02 questions (PDF)
Assignment 02 Interface

Assignment 01 (due at 10:00 AM on Wed, May 22nd):

Assignment 01 questions (PDF)
Assignment 01 Interface

Assignment 00 (due at 10:00 AM on Wed, May 15th):

Assignment 00 questions (PDF)
CS 116 Style Guide (PDF)

Procedures and Purpose

The purpose of assignments is to give you exercise in the concepts and skills discussed in lecture. The point is not to earn marks by any means possible; marks are a consequence of the understanding gained through practice. Please read the section on Academic Integrity, including the linked UW Policies. These apply to every course you will take at UW, and you should be familiar with them.

Assignments must be handed in before 10:00am on the day they are due (typically a Wednesday), unless otherwise specified in the assignment itself. You will submit program files electronically as described in the page linked to below; the tutors and TAs will run these with their own tests.

Your assignment submissions should conform to the guidelines laid out in the style guide for assignments.


Students must submit their assignments through MarkUs.
Submit early and often. Each time you resubmit, your old submissions will be overwritten.
As well, students can see their mark and assignment comments on MarkUs once marking is completed.
Instructions for MarkUs can be found here.

Late assignments

Late assignments will not be accepted; consequently, you should aim to finish early, to allow for unexpected delays. You may submit a single question as often as you wish; submitting a partially-completed solution is a good idea, just in case you don't get back to it in time. After an assignment due date has passed, you may still submit your work for feedback only (no marks) and you must inform the CS116 tutors by email so they are aware of your submission and request for feedback.

Missed work due to illness

With appropriate documentation authorized by the course ISC (contact information found here), assignment work may be excused.
If a missed assignment is excused, its weight is distributed over the remaining un-excused assignments. In the interest of understanding the course material for future assignments and exams, students who miss work are encouraged to do it, submit it request feedback from the tutors. Please see the Verification of Illness Form.

Assignment Marking

A general version of the marking scheme for CS116 assignments can be found here.

The Post-Mortem page will discuss common errors found on assignments.

If you wish to appeal an assignment mark, please follow the instructions on the grading page.

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