CS 116: Introduction to Computer Science 2


Clickers are used in CS 116 to provide instant feedback to students and instructors concerning core concepts, as well as encourage large scale interactive learning. Answering clicker questions will help in monitoring personal progress and is also a very useful study tool.

iClicker Registration

Use this link for iClicker registration. Do not use the link on the box provided with the clicker, as that will not register the clicker for CS 116. Register iClickers as soon as possible, to follow progress online. Clicker grades will be updated regularly to the CS 116 webpage.

Clickers Marks

Participation marks count for 5% of the final grade in CS 116. iClickers can be purchased at the campus bookstore.

During weekly lectures, the instructor will ask several multiple-choice questions to be answered using clickers. Each question during lectures is worth 2 marks: one mark for participation (answering the question), and one mark for correctness (getting the right answer).

Please note: You must attend the lecture session that you are enrolled in to obtain your clicker marks.

During weekly tutorials, you will have the opportunity to get bonus marks. Each attended tutorial will increase your participation marks by 0.1%, for a maximum bonus of 1.2%.

Your final participation grade is taken from the best 75% of your in class clicker answers over the whole term. The most you can achieve with participation marks is 5%.

Make sure your clicker works in the first two weeks of the term, or in the first two weeks after you transfer to this class. Any lost participation marks due to clicker problems after this period of time will not be granted. Also, make sure that you have clicker marks by visiting this link here after the announcement is made that clicker marks are posted

Academic Integrity with iClickers

Students must only answer clicker questions using their own iClicker registered to the course. Using a clicker registered to someone else in the course is an academic offence and will result in disciplinary action. Check it out here in the black additional facts section.


Frequently asked questions about clickers can be found at Clicker FAQ for Students. If a question is not there, please email the CS 116 ISAs at cs116@uwaterloo.ca

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