CS 116: Introduction to Computer Science 2

How to get help with CS 116 Course Material

Attend the tutorials
  • The ISAs and IAs will be going through sample questions during tutorials relevant to the current lecture material.
  • Your section number and time can be found on your quest or here.
ISA office hours
  • ISA office hours are held in MC 4065. A schedule of ISA office hours can be found here. Please make sure to check the room before going to office hours.
Instructor office hours
  • Instructor office hours times and locations can be found here.
Ask questions on Piazza
  • Questions can be posted on Piazza and will be answered by other students, ISAs, IAs, and/or instructors. Be sure to read the newsgroup guidelines which can be found here.
Send email to: cs116@uwaterloo.ca
  • These emails will be answered by the ISAs, IAs, or instructors. Note that emails will usually not be answered during evenings and weekends.

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