A medical note may not be accepted. It may have been forged, bought, or the doctor may not be aware of our standards. A medical note does not cause course staff to suspend judgement.

With appropriate, authorized documentation, term work may be excused.

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If a missed assignment is excused, its weight is distributed evenly over the remaining assignments. It is highly recommended that the assignment still be attempted for learning and understanding. Illness documentation and concerns should be sent to the Instructional Support Coordinator.

In a course with as many students as CS135, we are not able to give extensions.

Midterm Exams

The policy for midterm exams is essentially the same as for assignments except that the weight is distributed over the remaining exams (including the final).

Final Exam

We do not have make-up exams. If you are ill and cannot write the final, we will assign one of the following marks:

  • INComplete, in cases where the illness is authorized and we believe the student could plausibly pass the course based on other work done in the term. Note that successor courses (e.g. CS136) may not be taken until CS135 is passed.
  • DNW (Did Not Write), in cases where medical documentation is not provided or we reject it, or we do not believe the student could plausibly pass the course.