Remark Requests

We want to assess your work fairly. In a class that can approach 1,000 students and has a staff of about 50, mistakes will happen. You’ll need to bring them to our attention.

The procedures are a little different between an exam and an assignment, but the following general principles hold:

  • Sooner is better than later. We expect to hear about issues within one week of when the work is returned.
  • Re-mark requests are never appropriate on Piazza. Communicate directly with course staff.
  • It’s best to start with an informal inquiry – talk to your prof or an ISA. Follow up with an email if you decide you really want a re-mark.
  • It’s rarely sufficient to say something like “I’d like Q5 re-marked”. We will want to know in detail why you think the assigned mark is not correct.
  • An issue with the marking of one part of an exam or assignment sometimes indicates problems in other areas. Be prepared to have other parts of the assessment remarked as well. Marks may go up or down.

If you want to pursue a re-mark request, follow these steps in order. Stop as soon as the issue is resolved (or you get to the end of the list!).

  1. Review your feedback
  2. If you have questions about what you learned in the review, talk to an ISA.
  3. Email the course account within one week of the above resources being made available to you.
    • subject heading:
      • Assignments: CS 135 Axx Remark Request (Change Axx to the appropriate assignment number)
      • Exams: CS 135 Exam Remark Request
    • body:
      • What (including specific question) you think was marked improperly and why
      • Your Quest user ID (eg: j135smith)
    • Email from your UWaterloo email account so that we can verify your identity.
  4. If the matter is not fairly resolved by the ISAs, speak to your instructor.

Assignment re-marks are generally handled by the ISAs, in consultation with the instructors. Exam re-marks are generally handled by the instructors, so step 4 is often less useful for exams.

Not getting the Basic Test email in time because you submitted right before the deadline is not enough reason for a re-mark of an assignment. Again, start assignments early, submit early and often, and always run your code in DrRacket.

Assignment Rollbacks and Re-marks

By default, we will mark the last submission you made before the assignment deadline. However, if you mess up this particular submission, but you made a decent submission before that, we can mark that decent submission instead. Submit a re-mark request letting us know you’d like this and about what time the decent submission was made. Note that we will mark using only one submission; we will not merge work from two different submissions.

Assignments sometimes have restrictions on what built-in functions you may use, or what techniques you must use to do the question. If you don’t follow these restrictions, you may get 0 on the entire question. We will not re-mark your assignment in this case, because the assignment clearly stated the restrictions. Make sure you read the assignment carefully.