CS 135: Assignments

CS 135: Designing Functional Programs


There are some pages you are responsible for reading before beginning assignments:

  1. General Information about Assignments
  2. Format of Assignments

We do not accept late assignments (plan your time carefully and do NOT submit last minute to avoid circumstances that could result in your assignment being late (e.g. last minute computer breakdown, your Internet connection is slow, submitting wrong file, etc.).
Only files submitted to MarkUs by the deadline (not emailed) will be marked. If you are having issues submitting to MarkUs, keep trying until successful or there is an announcement about an officlal problem with MarkUs. If you have problems submitting to MarkUs, read any messages carefully, take screenshots (especially ones that show the time and error) and email those to cs135@uwaterloo.ca so we can check if there is an official problem with MarkUs.

Fall 2019

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