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Lecture Slides

CS135 has an extensive set of slides that are used in lectures. They are available for purchase from Media Doc. They are also available online (see below!) if you prefer to have them on your computer or print them yourself. In any case, you should have a copy that you can take notes on during lectures.

Reading the slides is not a substitute for attending lectures. The slides do not contain anything that the instructor says, writes on the board, or demonstrates on a computer during lectures. If you miss a lecture, you should contact a classmate who was present and catch up promptly.

M01 Syllabus Details about how the course works.
M02 Functions Writing functions is at the heart of using a functional programming language.
M03 The design recipe Our process for developing programs.
M04 Simple data We start with numbers, but also need strings, symbols, and booleans.
M05 Syntax & semantics of Beginning Student Defining rigourously what our programs mean.
M06 Lists Working with a list of data; data definitions.
M07 Natural numbers -- recursively Working with natural numbers based on a self-referential data definition.
M08 More lists Lists of lists, processing multiple lists, etc.


Errors in the lecture slides will be listed here. If you discover an error that is not posted here, please talk to your instructor about it.