Slides and Guides

Style Guide

Most teams that write code adopt a common style to make reading each other’s code easier.
The choices in that common style usually have good reasons but are sometimes an arbitrary choice between several good options.

The CS135 team (faculty, staff, students) along with the teams in several other UW courses use this style guide. Failure to be a team player with respect to the style guide will have adverse consequences on your marks.

Lecture Slides

CS135 has an extensive set of slides that are used in lectures. They are available for purchase from Media Doc. They are also available online (see below!) if you prefer to have them on your computer or print them yourself. In any case, you should have a copy that you can take notes on during lectures.

Reading the slides is not a substitute for attending lectures. The slides do not contain anything that the instructor says, writes on the board, or demonstrates on a computer during lectures. If you miss a lecture, you should contact a classmate who was present and catch up promptly.

  • M01: Introduction to CS135 (1up, 3up)
  • M02: The design recipe (1up, 3up)
  • etc.


Errors in the lecture slides will be listed here. If you discover an error that is not posted here, please talk to your instructor about it.