CS 135: Designing Functional Programs


We will be making use of iClickers in lectures and tutorials to engage students and provide instant feedback. New iClickers can be purchased at the UW bookstore in South Campus Hall for around $40. You can also buy a used iClicker which is cheaper. CS 135 does not support iClicker Go or clickers for mobile devices.

When using your iClicker in the classroom, make sure you've set the frequency correctly. The frequency must be set at the beginning of every class. The frequency code for the classroom is a two letter combination that is usually posted on the wall near the front of the room. After you cast your vote, the Vote Status light on the clicker should flash green.

Grading and Marks

Your 5% class participation mark is completely determined by the best 75% of your clicker responses. See the Grading & Marks page for more information on the grading policy.

Clicker questions in lectures are for marks; clicker questions in tutorials are not for marks. However, if at the end of the term your final mark is just below 50% or 60%, we may look at your clicker responses in tutorials to decide if we should round your mark up. You must attend the lecture section you are registered in to receive participation marks. If you do not attend your registered lecture section, you will not get any participation marks.

Clicker marks are posted on the View Marks page about one week after the lecture. If you have problems with your clicker marks, email cs135@uwaterloo.ca for help.

Due to university policies on academic integrity, you may not bring a friend's clicker to class and enter answers for him or her. You may not share clickers with other students.

iClicker Registration

Click here to register your iClicker.

You must register your iClicker using the link above so that we can assign marks appropriately. If you want, you can register your iClicker on other websites but you must register your iClicker using the above link to earn any marks for CS 135.

If you decide that the 5% participation mark is not worth buying an iClicker, you can forfeit the 5% participation mark. However, you still have to register here to complete Assignment 0. In this case, use your eight digit student ID number as the iClicker ID.

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