CS 135: Designing Functional Programs


Here is an overview of how your final mark will be tabulated:
5% Participation (from top 75% of clicker questions)
20% Assignments
25% Midterm (Date: TBD)
50% Final Exam

Class participation counts for 5% of the final grade, completely determined from the clicker questions. For each clicker question asked during class, there will be two marks: one for answering (any answer), and another for a correct response. The goal is to have students take the questions seriously, not to give grueling quizzes during lecture. As such, only the best 75% of the clicker responses will be considered in determining the total class participation mark.

There will be weekly assignments counting for (usually) 20% of the final grade, as shown on the Assignments page. There will likely be nine or ten assignments in total (not counting Assignment 0), so each one counts for about 2.2% or 2.0% of your final grade. Unless you have a legitimate excuse (ex. documented illness), all assignments will count for marks; no assignment will be dropped. But note that you must pass both the weighted exam average and the weighted assignment average in order to pass the course .

Assignments are created by the instructors and are marked by the graduate teaching assistants based on specifications drawn up by the instructors. The midterms and final are created by the instructors and marked by instructors, ISAs , IAs, and TAs.

Assignment submission, evaluation, and return is a paperless process. Students will submit their assignments using MarkUs. Graders will mark the assignments online. When all assignments have been marked they will be available for viewing within MarkUs.

Graded midterm exams will be viewable through Crowdmark. Final exams are not returned to students.

If you have problems with the marking of assignments, talk to the ISAs first (within one week of the marked assignment being made available), and then to your instructor if you are not satisfied. If you have problems with the marking of a midterm exam, you need to email the course account describing the problem (we will provide more detailed instructions for formatting the email once marks are released). For assignment remarks, please make sure you include a written explanation within one week after the solutions and postmortem are made available. In all cases, you should check the posted model solutions and postmortems to understand your errors.


Marks for the current term are available here. Clicker marks are only updated every week or so. You will need your Quest username (8 characters or less) and password in order to log in.

The database will be updated regularly as the term goes on, so make sure to check back often to see if your marks have been recorded properly. Please note that if you hand an assignment back for remarking and your grade for that assignment changes, the database may not register the change until the next major update.

If you have any concerns about missing or incorrectly recorded marks, please contact your ISA.


  • A mark of x indicates that you are exempt from that component.
  • Refer to the Grading information (above) for details on the breakdown of marks.
  • A mark of UR indicates that a grade is “under review” and has yet to be resolved, usually because a component of a student's mark is under investigation for irregularities. Contact the ISC, Karen Anderson, at kaanders@uwaterloo.ca if you have questions about a UR grade.
  • The marks listed here are “unofficial”. “Official” course marks will be issued by the Registrar.

Report any problems with your marks or viewing your marks to the ISC, Karen Anderson, kaanders@uwaterloo.ca.

Missed work due to illness: with appropriate, authorized documentation, term work may be excused or, for the final exam, an INC (incomplete) grade may be granted with the requirement that the student write the final exam with the class in the next term the course is offered (note that for an INC to be granted, a student must have done course work during the term well enough that they could reasonably be expected to earn a passing mark in the course). If a missed assignment is excused, its weight is distributed evenly over the remaining assignments. If a midterm exam is excused, its weight is usually distributed to the final exam. In the case of the granting of an INC for a missed final exam, any course for which CS135 is a prerequisite (e.g. CS136) may not be taken until CS135 is completed with requirements met. NOTE: We do NOT have make-up exams.

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