Stuff to do for this web site:


  • Help

  • Course Materials

    • Figure out the new course schedule
    • Post the slides. Add the links to
  • Assessment

    • Fill in Exam Viewing info on Assessment/Exams
    • There’s a bad link re crowdmark in Exams
    • HOw do our illness policies interact with
  • Assignments

    • Get steppers working
    • Get solution request working
  • Policies

  • THe link for merging Crowdmark accounts is a 404.

  • Link to style guide on teh Assessment/Assignments page.


  • Fill in staff and refresh pictures in
  • Who does what (aka Frequently Asked Questions) has lots of links – need updating.
  • Make sure that the cgi scripts all work:
    • clicker registration (including clicker ID log)
    • view marks (including clicker marks)
    • stepping problems (including recording of marks) (CSS may need to be updated to match the new website)
    • solution request (including request log) (5-minute timer message may need to be fixed)
  • Review MarkUs page for accuracy.