CS 136: Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction, Spring 2019


This is the homepage for CS 136 (Spring 2019).

CS 136 builds on the techniques and patterns that you learned in CS 135. It introduces an imperative language (C) in parallel with continued study of a functional language (Scheme/Racket), and discusses issues surrounding the effective use of programming languages in "real-world" environments.

The primary focus of the course is the design, analysis and implementation of fundamental algorithms and data structures. This necessitates the use of computational models for both Scheme and C that more closely resemble what happens in actual implementations. The goal of CS 136 is to give students the tools and concepts necessary to solve computational problems in a robust, efficient and verifiable manner.

You can find the handbook description of the course here and a high-level description of how CS 136 fits into our curriculum here. Copies of the slides will be available after the lectures on the handouts page.


Announcements will be posted on Piazza

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