CS 136: Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction, Winter 2019


Odyssey Seating Information

The information about your seating will show the Exam, the Date, the Start Time, the Building and Room (e.g. MC 2034), and your Seat Number (e.g. 4B). Please check all carefully. The seat code indicates the row number and column letter, beginning in the front left corner of the front of the room - for example, 4B would be the fourth row from the front of the room and the second seat from the left when facing the front of the room.

Before you sit down for the exam, check the name and ID that will already be stamped on the exam - if it is not yours, look up your room and seat again (lists will be posted in the room) or see the proctor.


If you miss the midterm and have valid verification documentation, the weight of the midterm will be transferred to the final exam. The documentation goes to the course's Instructional Support Coordinator listed on the Personnel page.

Final Exam

If you miss the final exam and have a valid Verification of Illness Form, you may be granted an INC (incomplete) grade. The Verification of Illness Form goes to the course's Instructional Support Coordinator. INCs normally write the final exam the next term the course is offered. Note that a course for which CS136 is a prerequisite may not be taken until CS136 is completed successfully.

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