CS240: Data Structures and Data Management, Spring 2015

Course Description

The course introduces widely used and effective methods of data organization, focusing on data structures, algorithms, and the performance of these algorithms. Specific topics include priority queues, sorting, dictionaries, data structures for text processing.

More details on the goals and coverage of the course can be found in the official course description.


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Midterm Solutions Posted (2015-07-02)

Midterm solutions have been posted outside the Math Tutorial Center

Midterm Post Mortem (2015-07-02)

The Post Mortem for the midterm is now posted at https://www.student.cs.uwaterloo.ca/~cs240/s15/postMortem.pdf

Canada Day (2015-06-30)

Wednesday, July 1st is Canada Day. Tutorials and office hours during Canada Day are cancelled.

Assignment 4 Due Date Change (2015-06-30)

The due date for assignment 4 has been changed to Friday, July 10, at 5:00pm

Assignment 4 Posted (2015-06-24)

Assignment 4 has now been posted, it is due Monday July 6th at 5:00pm

Midterm seat location available (2015-06-19)

Your midterm seating location should be available at https://odyssey.uwaterloo.ca/teaching/schedule

Review Session (2015-06-19)

A review session for the midterm will be held on Saturday, June 20th at 1:00pm, in PHY145.

Assignment 2 Marks Released (2015-06-16)

Assignment 2 marks are now available on MarkUs

A3 Solutions Available (2015-06-15)

Assignment 3 solutions are now posted in the protected files area.

Psychology Paid Participant Pool (2015-06-09)

Psychology has asked if we would post a recruitment request for their paid participant pool (PSYCpool). This announcement link provides more information, if you are interested.

A3 Posted (2015-06-02)

Assignment 3 has been posted, you can view it on the Assignments tab.

A2 Solutions (2015-06-01)

Assignment 2 solutions have now been posted in the protected files area.

A1 Marks Released (2015-05-30)

You may now see your assignment 1 marks on MarkUs.

A2 Updated (2015-05-29)

A2Q2 has been updated, available from the assignments tab.

Assignment 0 Marks Available (2015-05-26)

Assignment 0 marks are now available on MarkUs.

Assignment 1 Sample Solutions Available (2015-05-20)

The sample solutions for Assignment 1 are now available from the Assignments tab.

Assignment 2 (2015-05-19)

Assignment 2 has been posted. It is due Monday, June 1st at 5:00pm

Assignment 1 Due date extended to Tuesday, May 19, 5:00PM (2015-05-19)

Since some of the material for Assignment 1 was not covered until Thursday's lecture (May 14), the due date has been extended until 5:00PM on Tuesday. This does not affect future due dates. If you experienced difficulties submitting due to MarkUs being down a few hours Monday evening/Tuesday early morning, and your submission was not accepted in MarkUs, please submit again to MarkUs (before 5:00 PM Tues. May 19).

Assignment 1 (2015-05-06)

Assignment 1 has been posted. It is due Tuesday, May 19th at 8:30am

Assignment 0 (2015-05-05)

Assignment 0 has been posted. It is due Monday, May 11th at 5:00pm
The tutorial on Wednesday, May 6th with help with Assignment 0 and using LaTeX

First Tutorial (2015-04-30)

The first tutorials of the term will be held on Wednesday May 6th