CS240: Data Structures and Data Management, Spring 2017

Course Description

The course introduces widely used and effective methods of data organization, focusing on data structures, algorithms, and the performance of these algorithms. Specific topics include priority queues, sorting, dictionaries, data structures for text processing.

More details on the goals and coverage of the course can be found in the official course description.


[official] CS 240 INC Policy (2016-12-08)

In the Faculty of Mathematics, students who do not write a final exam are given either a DNW (Did Not Write) or an INC (incomplete). A DNW is equivalent to a 32 and is a failing grade. In exceptional circumstances the instructor will grant an INC. An INC is permission from the instructor to complete course requirements, normally the final exam, in a later term -- for CS 240, that would be in April 2017 or, if not on campus that term, with the Spring 2017 CS 240 class in August. Note that those granted an INC in CS 240 may not be allowed to take CS courses for which CS 240 is a prerequisite until it is completed.

Whether or not you are given an INC is strongly dependent on your performance during the term. A student with a medical reason may not be granted an INC because they have not performed sufficiently well during the academic term.

An INC will be granted ONLY if there is a strong reason for missing the exam (generally a serious medical issue verified by a doctor's note) AND a satisfactory performance during the term (both assignments and midterm).

You may find the following links useful as well: UW Final Exam Regulations: https://uwaterloo.ca/registrar/final-examinations/examination-regulations-and-related-matters

Math Faculty INC rules https://uwaterloo.ca/math/current-undergraduates/regulations-and-procedures/incomplete-procedure https://uwaterloo.ca/math/current-undergraduates/first-year-students/if-things-go-wrong Thank you for your time, and best wishes on your exam.