CS 241 Midterm Exam Information - Fall 2017

Below is a list of useful information you should know about the CS241 midterm exam. I will add any new information (as it becomes available) to the bottom of this post.

1. The Prime Directive

In general we don't answer questions like "Do we need to know about XYZ for the midterm?" or "Do I have to memorize ABC?" You must use your judgment in deciding what to study. I will say, however, that the midterm focus is less on memorizing and more on understanding and applying the concepts you learn in the course.

2. Coverage and Excluded Material

Midterm material is up to and including Prof. Lanctot's slide 244. There is a copy of all the slides in one file in Prof. Lanctot's Slide Collection.

3. When and Where

The exam is on Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017 from 7:00pm to 8:20pm. It is only 80 minutes long, not 110 minutes as orginally listed.

Please follow this link to see where you will be writing the midterm. (If you do not see any seating information, check again at a later date.) Make sure you go to the correct room!

4. Aids

Calculators and other aids are not permitted. You will be provided with a MIPS Reference Sheet and a Conversion Chart. re still currently making some updates to the review. We will be making available an updated version soon.

5. Review Sessions

We will be having 2-hour midterm review sessions on the following dates:

We will cover most of the following practice questions during the review sessions.

Solutions are available, only partial solutions for section 4. here

6. Office Hours

Tutorials are cancelled for the day of the midterm. Rather, we will be holding office hours on Wednesday, Oct 25th. The following are additional office hours:

7. Ways to Study

8. Questions During the Exam

If you need some clarification during the exam, raise your hand and a proctor will bring you a question form to fill out. The form will be taken to an instructor, who will either answer your question or decline to answer if it is inappropriate. If you are unsure of something, it may be less time-consuming to simply state your assumptions about the question instead of asking an instructor to clarify.

To ensure that no student is unfairly advantaged, proctors will not answer questions individually during the exam. If you feel that a question contains an error, raise your hand. A proctor will bring the concern to the instructors and an announcement will made if necessary.

9. Remark Policy

Remark request period is over.