/Users/lila/Dropbox/teaching/waterloo_logic/CS245Winter2018/Logic05_adequate_connectives_circuits_h.pdf CS245 Schedule of Lectures, Winter 2019

CS 245: Logic and Computation (Winter 2019)

Schedule of Lectures

Here is a list of the topics covered in each lecture, with the corresponding [H&R] book sections. We will adjust this schedule as required.

L01 Tu Jan  8 Notes, page 1-40 What is logic; Logic propositions and connectives [H&R] 1.1
L02 Th Jan  10 Notes, page 41-49 Truth tables; Translations from English into propositional logic; Examples and a logic puzzle [H&R] 1.1, 1.2, 1.4.1, 1.4.2
Notes, page 1-22 Well-formed propositional logic formulas; Induction
L03 Tu Jan  15 Notes, page 23-38 Proving things about logic formulas: Structural induction
[H&R] 1.3, 1.4.2
     Notes, pages 1-10 Propositional calculus, semantics: value assignments, satisfiability; a logic puzzle [H&R] 1.4.1
L04 Th Jan  17 Notes, page 11-41 Sudoku as a satisfiability problem; Proving arguments valid in propositional logic
[H&R] 1.5.1 Assignment 1 posted
L05 Tu Jan  22 Notes Propositional Calculus: Formula simplification, Laws, DNF/CNF
[H&R] 1.5.1, 1.5.2
L06 Th Jan  24 Notes, pages 1-43 Adequate connectives; Boolean Algebra; Logic gates; circuits
Assignment 1 due tomorrow
L07 Tu Jan  29 Notes, pages 44-59 Circuit minimization; Analysis and simplification of code
Notes, pages 1-11 Formal (natural) deduction
[H&R] 1.2 (with different notation)
L08 Th Jan  31 Notes, pages 12-39 Formal deduction theorems
[H&R] 1.2, 1.4.3 (with different notation) Assignment 2 posted
L09 Tu Feb.  5 Notes, pages 40-67 Soundness and Completeness of formal deduction
[H&R] 1.4.4 (with different notation)
L10 Th Feb.  7 Notes Automated theorem proving by resolution; Resolution strategies, Davis Putnam Procedure
Assignment 2 due tomorrow
L11 Tu Feb.  12 Snow day
L12 Thu Feb. 14 Notes Predicate logic; Quantifiers
[H&R] 2.1 Assignment 3 posted
 Feb. 18-22 Reading Week