CS 245: Logic and Computation (Fall 2020)

Due Dates for Assignments, Assessments and Quizzes

We will adjust this schedule as required.

Each assignment/assessment will be due at noon, Waterloo local time, on the specified day.

There will be two quizes posted per week, making a total of 24 for the term.

After the quiz due date and time below, the quizzes will remain open for self-study purposes, but quizzes submitted after the due date and time will no longer increase your grade.

Date Due Available
2020-09-16 N/A A01
2020-09-23 A01 A02
2020-09-30 A02 A03
2020-10-07 A03 A04
2020-10-19 A04 N/A
2020-10-22 N/A Mid-Term Assessment
2020-10-23 Mid-Term Assessment N/A
2020-10-28 N/A A05
2020-11-04 A05 A06
2020-11-11 A06 A07
2020-11-18 A07 A08
2020-11-25 A08 A09
2020-12-02 A09 N/A
2020-12-07, 11:59 PM All Quizzes N/A
TBA N/A Final Assessment
TBA + 1 day Final Assessment N/A

Schedule of Lectures

We will adjust this schedule as required.

Each tutorial will provide a forum for you to practice with the ideas and techniques presented in the preceding lectures. The following assignment allows further practice and feedback. Each assignment will focus on the recent topics, but includes everything that came before, as well—everything is cumulative.

The Midterm Assessment will cover material until the Reading Week; roughly, the basics of Propositional Logic. We will announce a precise cut-off later.

There will be a Final Assessment due during the Final Exam period, which will cover the entire course.

Week Lectures Tutorials Assignments and Assessments References
Part 1 Part 2 Fridays
1: Sep 8–11 What is logic? Logic propositions and connectives. Truth tables; Translations between English and propositional logic; Propositional logic formulas; Review of induction. Truth tables; Translations between English and propositional logic; Propositional logic formulas; Induction.

[Lu] 1.2, 2.1, 2.2;

CS245-F20-Logic01_Intro.pdf, CS245-F20-Logic02_prop_logic_syntax.pdf, (up to slide 22)

2: Sep 14–18 Structural induction; Propositional language semantics; Satisfiability. Proving arguments valid in propositional logic (two methods). Structural induction. Semantics of propositional logic, argument validity.

A01 available.

[Lu] 1.2, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5;



3: Sep 21–25 Propositional calculus laws; Disjunctive and Conjunctive Normal Forms. Adequate set of connectives; Boolean algebra; Logic gates. Disjunctive and Conjunctive Normal Forms; Adequate sets of connective. A01 due Sep 23

A02 available.

[Lu] 2.7, 2.8


CS245-F20-Logic05_adequate_connectives_circuits.pdf (up to slide 37)