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CS246: Object-Oriented Software Development

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Tutorials augment lecture discussion, present some new material, and provide a forum for discussing the assignment. Tutorial material is available through the git/svn repository.

Tutorial Schedule

There are multiple tutorials per week, each covers the same material. As long as there is adequate space, you may attend any one.


Time Room
8:30-9:20W MC 4063
9:30-10:20W DWE 3516
10:30-11:20W MC 2017
11:30-12:20W MC 4041
11:30-12:20W MC 2035
12:30-01:20W MC 2017
02:30-03:20W MC 4058*
03:30-04:20W MC 4058
03:30-04:20W MC 4063
04:30-05:20W MC 4063

Note: (*) TUT 110 will be located in RCH 204 on November 1st.

Tutorial Material

Tutorial material and topics are posted to the git repository throughout the term.

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