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Access our Piazza here: CS247 Piazza

What is Piazza?

Piazza is the discussion forum for CS 247 during Spring 2019.

Being a student, you can

  • Ask course-related questions -- anonymously if you'd like
  • Collaborate to form a high-quality Wikipedia-style response
  • Have a traditional thread-style discussion

Of course, there are things to be kept in mind while using Piazza. Here are just a few rules that you perhaps already know:

  • Do not post solutions to assignments (Policy 71)
  • Do not post assignment or project related source code (Policy 71)
  • Be civilized; refrain from posting offensive, inappropriate, or irrelevant content

Above all, remember that the whole class, including the professor and the ISAs, are potential readers to the discussion board. Use your common sense to determine what constitutes acceptable content.