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CS343: Concurrent and Parallel Programming

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Exam Information

Both the midterm test and the final exam are closed book.

A missed test/exam receives a mark of 0, unless there is a documented reason. If a documented reason is provided for missing the midterm, its weight is applied to the final exam. If a documented reason is provided for missing the final exam, a grade of INC is given, and the final exam must be written at the end of the next term the course is offered. A copy of the documented reason must be given to the Instructional Support Coordinator.

Unclaimed midterms are retained for one month after term grades become official in quest. After that time, they are destroyed in compliance with UW's confidential shredding procedures.



Scheduled by the registrar: Exam Period.

Final Exam
Date: Monday, April 15, 2019
Time: 9:00-11:30
Location:PAC UPPER 9,10,11
Seating: view your exam seating (posted 5 days before exam)

The majority of the final exam covers the material in the course notes from Section 6.4.2 (page 117) to Section 11.5.1 (page 212), inclusive, assignments 4-6, and the section in the course textbook on automatic/implicit-signal monitors. Sections 11.5.2 and 11.6 are excluded.

The following previous final exams are available: Winter 18, Fall 18.
The following previous final exam answers are available: Winter 18, Fall 18.

Note, every instructor is unique emphasizing different points and teaching at different speeds. As a result, some previous exams may have questions about material not covered in the current term and/or missing topics relevant for this term's exam.

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