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CS 343 Concurrent and Parallel Programming

University of Waterloo : Faculty of Mathematics : School of Computer Science

Current Term (Winter 2014)

General Information


Important announcements are posted both here and on Piazza.


  1. Course Newsgroup Piazza cs343 - general questions on course and announcements (read daily)
  2. Email userid@uwaterloo.ca - direct communication with course staff (Piazza private is often faster)
  3. μC++ Download (installation: sudo sh u++-6.0.0.sh) detailed instructions
  4. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  5. Code Examples (makefiles, C++, μC++, Java)
  6. Testing/Documentation
  7. Assignment Guidelines
  8. C++ Coding Guidelines
  9. μC++ Annotated Reference Manual (postscript)
  10. μC++ Background
  11. μC++ vim highlighting
  12. CS246 Course Notes
  13. Research Papers
  14. Books
  15. Make manual
  16. C++ Tutorial (postscript, workcode)
  17. C++ Standard Library
  18. STL Quick Reference Card
  19. GDB Tutorial for C++
  20. GDB Tutorial for C
  21. Emacs Tutorial (.emacs)
  22. MFCF Help Centre

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