A0: Tools Setup

Due Fri Sept 14 at 5:00 PM


Download and setup Git, and the Java JDK. Use Git to pull a Java source file, run and compile it, producing a `results.txt' file. Use Git to add, commit and push `results.txt' to your Git repo.


  1. Install Git on your machine. You have a choice of a command-line or GUI client. Mac and Linux machines have the command-line client pre-installed. Windows users can install the Windows binaries from the main Git site.

  2. Install the Java Development Kit 10.0.2. This will be used for most of your assignments.

  3. Make sure that you have `make' installed on your machine. This is included in Linux and macOS installations, but if you have Windows, you will need to install using the GNU Make for Windows setup. You may also need to add this executable to your path in Windows so that you can run it from the command-line.

  4. Clone your course git repo i.e. create a local copy. The command looks like this. Replace username with your Quest login name, e.g. jdoe.git:
    git clone https://username@git.uwaterloo.ca/cs349-fall2018/username.git

  5. You will have an assignments/a0 directory for this assignment. Open a terminal or shell in this directory, and type `make run' to compile and run the program. This will produce a file named results.txt.

  6. Add results.txt to your working copy. e.g. using command line git, open a terminal at assignments/a0 and type git add results.txt.

  7. Commit your changes. e.g. git commit -m "Added results file".

  8. Finally, push your changes to the GitLab server. e.g. git push.

  9. Go to http://git.uwaterloo.ca and verify your repo has results.txt in the assignments/a0 subdirectory.


A0 is not graded, but must be submitted before any other assignment will be marked.