A0: Getting Started


You will stage your development environment to build a simple Java 11 application, and then push it to your Git repo. This will give you a working project that you can use as the basis for later assignments.


This assignment requires you to:

  1. Install and configure the required development tools.
  2. Download, compile and run the starter application.
  3. Use `git' to add, commit and push the files from A0 to your Git repo.

Detailed Steps

The following section describes each of these steps in detail. Please pay close attention to version numbers when installing software.

1. Install and Configure your Development Environment

This assignment can be completed either in an MC computer lab, or on your personal machine (Windows, Mac and Linux are all supported). We highly recommend working on your personal machine if possible, but if you decide to work in the lab exclusively, you can skip this step.

If you are working on your own machine, you will need to install the following:

You may wish to add 'git' and 'java' to your system path so that they're accessible from a command-line. If this is done correctly, you should be able to successfully invoke these commands from the command-line:

2. Clone your Git repositories

In Git, you work with local copies of files from remote repositories. There are two repositories that we will use in this course:

3. Add project code and check that it builds & runs

More detailed instructions on how to setup your environment are on this page

Your final and ready-to-submit project should look like this :
  ├── .idea
  ├── out
  │   └── src
  ├── readme.md
  ├── src
  │   └── Main.java
  │   └── SystemInfo.java
  └── starter.iml
The .idea folder holds intelliJ settings of the project such as the SDK, and folder's types and is needed. It is generated by IntelliJ when the project is opened.

4. Commit and push the project to a remote Git repository

You can do this in IntelliJ directly (from VCS menu) or by using Git on the command line.


A0 is not graded, but must be submitted before other assignments will be marked.