Assignment 0: Java and Git Kickstart

Getting Started!

Due Fri Jan 13 at 5:00 PM


Compile and run the Java program (link below) using the steps provided, and save the output to your a0/ subdirectory in your Git repo.



The following steps can be performed on any modern OS (e.g. Windows, OS X, Linux). More detailed instructions on using Git, if required, are available here.

  1. Install Java 8 JDK ("Java SE Development Kit 8u102") for your OS from the Oracle downloads site. Verify that it's installed correctly by running java -version from the command-line on your machine.
  2. Install Git on your machine. You have a choice of a command-line or GUI client. Mac and Linux machines have the command-line client preinstalled. Windows users can install the Windows binaries from the main Git site.
  3. Checkout a working copy of the repository according to the instructions on the course website.
  4. You should see an empty "a0" folder in your local working copy. Copy from here into a0/, compile it (javac and run it (java Check) to produce a file named results.txt.
  5. Add both the program and the results.txt file to your working copy (git add results.txt), commit your changes (git commit) and push to the server (git push).
  6. You are encouraged (but not required) to install an IDE. It makes programming a lot easier! IntelliJ and Eclipse are the ususual choices for Java programming and both have free versions.


There is no grade for this assignment, but you need to complete it before you can complete any other assignments.