CS 350 - Operating Systems

Slip Days

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Each assignment has a due date and a due time, which will be posted on the course web page. For some assignments we will use a system of "slip days" to give you some flexibility with the assignment deadlines. Each person starts the term with five slip days, which can be used to push back assignment deadlines. Slip days work as follows:

To use a slipday (if you have any remaining), submit your assignment after the deadline. The number of slipdays you have used (if any) will be automatically applied against your remaining total when the assignments are marked.

Assignments that are submitted late (with no slip days to cover them) will not be accepted and will receive a mark of 0%.

Slip Days Query

Click on this button to determine the number of slip days you have left to use. You will be required to authenticate yourself using your UWDir userid and password (not your CS Unix password).

Again, all this does is check your remaining slipdays. To actually use a slipday, simply submit after the assignment deadline.