Max Burstyn's CS 488 Project Page

Table of Contents

  1. Additional Primitives
  2. Texture Mapping
  3. Bump Mapping
  4. Constructive Solid Geometry
  5. Glossy Reflections
  6. Refraction
  7. Hierarchical Bounding Boxes
  8. kd-trees
  9. Caustics
  10. Unique Scene

Objective 1: Additional Primitives

Cylinder, Cone, and Tori.

Objective 2: Texture Mapping

Texture mapping for all primitives.

Objective 3: Bump Mapping

Bump mapping for all primitives.

Objective 4: Constructive Solid Geometry

Sphere - (Cylinder - Torus) CSG.

Texture mapping CSG.

A donut!

Objective 5: Glossy Reflections

Glossy and non-glossy sphere.

Glossier and non-glossy sphere.

Glossy reflections off a floor.

Objective 6: Refraction

Refractive primitives.

Objective 7: Hierarchical Bounding Boxes

Hierarchical bounding box timings for the final scene:

Hierarchical Regular
intersections 146877791 211673667
real 2m53.958s 3m39.342
user 11m25.103 13m56.096s
sys 0m0.544s 0m0.688s

About 65 Million intersections avoided, and 2.5 min saved.

Bounds here, but I'll save the final images for the end!

Final scene from A4.

Hierarchical bounding boxes for scene from A4.

Macho cows from A4.

Hierarchical bounding boxes for macho cows.

Objective 8, 9: kd-trees and Caustics

Caustics from clear cylinder, sphere, and reflective ring.

Just the caustics on a black surface.

Objective 10: Unique Scene

Final scene with photon mapping enabled.

Final scene with no photon mapping.