Objective 0: Supersampling

Without Supersampling With Supersampling

Objective 1: Reflection

Objective 2: Refraction

Objective 3: Phong Shading

Objective 4: Depth of Field

Objective 5: Texture Mapping

Objective 6: Bump Mapping

Objective 7: Photon Mapping

Objective 8: Multi-Threading

Using 1 core:
real 28m25.965s
user 28m25.071s
sys 0m0.908s
Using 4 cores:
real 7m18.277s
user 29m3.397s
sys 0m1.260s

Objective 9: KD-Tree Mesh Intersections

1235905709 Face Intersections
real 7m41.673s
user 30m27.770s
sys 0m1.148s
260142827 Face Intersections
real 1m34.256s
user 6m3.243s
sys 0m0.332s

Objective 10: Unique Scene

Extra Objectives

Objective 11: Distributed

Using 1 computer
real 7m18.277s
user 29m3.397s
sys 0m1.260s
Using 4 computers
real 2m30.281s
user 0m0.952s
sys 0m0.068s

Objective 12: G-Buffers

Depth Map Normal Map

Objective 13: Adaptive Antialiasing

No Supersampling Areas to be Supersampled Adaptive Supersampled

Objective 14: Soft Shadows

Objective 15: Cylinders