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CS488/688: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Assignments for Fall 2015

Please see the CS488/688 home page for additional information that does not normally change from term to term. This page is a superset of the information on the first page of the course overview.

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Instructions for submitting your assignments

Before beginning your assignments, download instructions for submitting assignments.
IMPORTANT: Submitted files must not be timestamped after 11:59pm on the due date.

The Assignments

Note: Assignments 3 and 4 will use the scripting language Lua.
Assignment (PDF) Due Date Secret Mark Deductions
Assignment 0 Monday, September 21nd [Week 2] A0 Deductions
Assignment 1 Monday, September 28th [Week 3] A1 Deductions
Assignment 2 Tuesday, October 13th [Week 5] A2 Deductions
Assignment 3 Monday, October 26th [Week 7] A3 Deductions
Assignment 4 Monday, November 9th [Week 9] A4 Deductions
Project Due Dates
Proposal Thursday, November 12th [Week 9]
Corrected Proposal Thursday, November 19th [Week 10]
Project Friday, December 4th [Week 12]
Marking Template:
ODT Format (KWrite, OpenOffice)
Doc Format (MS Word)
tex (Latex)

If you prefer, you may download one document that contains all the assignments and the instructions for submitting the assignments:

All assignments and submission instructions.

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