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CS 497 - Frontiers in Computer Science

University of Waterloo : Faculty of Mathematics : School of Computer Science

Current Term (Winter 2007)


General Information

Weekly Presenters

There will be a different presenter each week. Assignments are due in the pink drop box (3rd floor MC, by DC link) by 4:30 pm on the due date. Normally, the due date will be two weeks after the material is covered, on Thursdays.

Jan 9, 11 Ming Li Lecture 1
Lecture 2

Consider an iid English text of length 100. At each position, each letter from a to z appears independently with probability 1/26. Compute the probability of aaa and abc occuring in this text, respectively. (Hint: you can do dynamic programming as in class, you can also just do simulation to find the probabilities of aaa and abc.)

Due by Jan. 25th.

Jan 16, 18 Richard Cleve Lecture 1 [PPT PDF]
Lecture 2 [PPT PDF]

Assignment Due by Feb. 1st.

Jan 23, 25 Tim Brecht Lecture 1 [1-up PDF 4-up PDF]
Lecture 2 [1-up PDF 4-up PDF]

Assignment 0 Due Jan. 25th, in class

Jan 30, Feb 1 Urs Hengartner Combined Slides

Assignment Due Feb. 15th

Feb 6, 8 Mike Terry Lecture 1
Lecture 2

Assignment Due Mar. 1st

Feb 13, 15 Shai Ben-David Lecture 1
Lecture 2

Assignment Due Mar. 8th

Feb 27, Mar 1 Dan Berry 4-up slides

Assignment Due Mar. 15th

Mar 6, 8 Ken Salem Lecture 1
Lecture 2

Assignment Due Mar. 22nd

Mar 13, 15 Srinivasan Keshav