George User Manual


The software for SE212 is called george. It was developed at the University of Waterloo specifically to assist students to learn SE212 material. george accepts textual formulas and proofs in the methods taught in SE212 and provides feedback on the correctness of the solutions. george CANNOT check if your solutions are completely correct as that requires the judgement of a TA, however, george will provide you with useful feedback to help learn the material.

These instructions also explain the ASCII format rules for your assignments even if you choose not to use george to check your solutions. We use george when marking your assignments. Your assignments will also be read by TAs.

george is a program in Python 3 that operates through a simple web interface:

  1. Type or load your text solution into the input window.
  2. Press ``Check'' and to produce feedback about the correctness of your file at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Edit your solution to correct errors and repeat step 2.
  4. When you are happy with your solution, you should download your file and then submit it to MarkUs. We suggest you use the file extension .grg.

This user manual describes both the input format expected by george and the correctness checks that georgeperforms on the input.

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