CS 135: Designing Functional Programs


This is the home page for CS 135 Winter 2017, an introductory computer science course at the University of Waterloo using the functional language Racket. See the Course Philosophy page for official descriptions of the course, and the Calendar page for a detailed set of topics.


This section will contain late-breaking announcements in reverse chronological order; students should check it at least once a day. Make sure to refresh this page in your browser to avoid looking at an old cached copy.

A01 Grades are Released (2017-01-16)

You can check your mark for assignment 01 on markus now. Please read the comments TA gives and avoid making same mistakes again on future assignment. If you have any question, you can talk to instructor or one of the ISAs, or refer to the sample solution. (Make sure you do that if you plan to ask for remark). common mistakes students make can be found under Post-Mortems. [Note] : MarkUs can't detect that Q4 is a bonus , but we'll adjust the marks later and post the correct marks on the View Marks page of the course website

A03 is posted (2017-01-15)

Assignment 03 is now posted on the course web page under the assignments heading.

A02 is posted (2017-01-09)

Assignment 02 is now posted on the course web page under the assignments heading. Please try to start early, and get help if you need it. Remember that assignment deadlines are firm.

A0 & A1 are available (2017-01-05)

Both can be found HERE .

Tutorial one this week (2017-01-05)

First tutorial is as scheduled but attendance is optional. You only need to go to your first tutorial if you have not completed Assignment 00 before your tutorial and have a laptop to bring to tutorial. You can also come and work on a01 if you finish a00.

Welcome to CS135! (2017-01-03)

Important announcements throughout the term will be posted here, as well as on Piazza. Be sure to check here regularly.

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