CS 135: Designing Functional Programs


This is the home page for CS 135 Fall 2016, an introductory computer science course at the University of Waterloo using the functional language Racket. See the Course Philosophy page for official descriptions of the course, and the Calendar page for a detailed set of topics.


This section will contain late-breaking announcements in reverse chronological order; students should check it at least once a day. Make sure to refresh this page in your browser to avoid looking at an old cached copy.

Unofficial grade is available on quest now (2016-04-25)

Hi, everyone. You can view your unofficial grades on Quest now. You can also see all your unofficial marks for CS 135, including term marks and the final exam at the usual location: https://www.student.cs.uwaterloo.ca/~cs135/cgi-bin/displayMarks.cgi until May 16. If you want to view your final exam this week or at the beginning of spring term. Please send an email to cs135@student.cs.uwaterloo.ca.

Welcome to CS135! (2016-04-19)

Important announcements throughout the term will be posted here, as well as on Piazza. Be sure to check here regularly.

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