Piazza is a good way to discuss and ask questions about the course materials, including assignments, in a public forum. It enables you to learn from the questions of others, and to avoid asking questions that have already been asked and answered. It is also the primary place for course personnel to make announcements and clarifications about assignments and other course-related topics.

Students are expected to read Piazza on a regular basis.


You will be sent an invitation to your UW email address. It will include a link to a web page where you may complete the enrolment process.


After you’ve finished the sign-up process, simply go to http://piazza.com/class. You’ll probably want to bookmark this in your browser.

Posting Guidelines

  1. Please remember that everything you post is public - everyone enrolled in CS 135 will be reading it. As a result, in any posts you make, do not give away any details on how to do any of the assignments. This could be construed as cheating, and you will be responsible as the poster.

  2. If you have questions about an assignment that require you give specific details of your solution, you may still post to Piazza, but check This is a private post - only visible to class instructors (and ISAs!). If the instructors and/or ISAs feels that posting it to everyone is appropriate, he or she will do so.

  3. Keep posts related to the course, concise, and topical. As students are all expected to read Piazza on a regular basis, try not to waste the time of readers.

  4. Please be diligent about attempting to find the answer before you post a question. Piazza includes excellent search facilities – use them! Scan all of the questions that have already been asked. Better yet, read them along with the answers. You’ll learn lots!

    This avoids duplicate questions, which are frustrating to everyone. It’s more work to answer two questions than to answer one, there may be conflicting advice, students need to sift through more entries to find what they need, etc. Please do all you can to avoid duplicates.

  5. Make it easy for other students to find your question – just in case they have the same question and want to see the answer!

    • Use a meaningful subject heading. “Help” and even “Help for A3P3” is not very meaningful. “Clarify parameter order for A3P3” is much better.
    • Tag your post with all the applicable tags. Start a tag by typing the hash character (#). A drop-down list of tags that are currently in use will appear. Use one of them, if applicable. If not, create a new one. However, any tag you create should be applicable to many posts not just yours.
  6. Please don’t post things to the group that provide no useful information to readers. Posts like “I have the same question as this one just posted”, or “I agree with this comment” serve no useful purpose, and waste people’s time.

  7. Keep complaints about the course out of Piazza or mark them with the This is a private post - only visible to class instructors checkbox. If you have a concern about anything to do with the course, the best way to deal with it, and to get results, is to take it to an ISA or the professor. Piazza is not a complaint forum.