CS 116: Introduction to Computer Science 2

MarkUs How-To

Assignments are submitted using MarkUs. You can also look at your marks and graded assignment on MarkUs.
  • You can watch how to submit file on MarkUs by downloading this video. Every time that the video shows CS 115, make sure you switch it to CS 116.

Logging into MarkUs

To log in to MarkUs, please ensure that you are doing the following:

  • Use Firefox, Safari, or Chrome to access Markus. MarkUs does not work properly with Internet Explorer.
  • Use all lowercase letters when entering your userid on the CAS page. Using uppercase letters will render you unrecognizable to the system.
  • Use the link to MarkUs provided on the menu at the left.

If you encounter a "Login Failed" message, check that you meet the above three criteria before contacting course personnel. If you are still experiencing issues or have run into different errors (such as a redirect problem), please e-mail the course account with your Quest userid and a brief description of your error.

Submitting Assignments

To submit files for Assignments, follow the instructions below.

  1. On your MarkUs homepage, click the assignment name to go to its submission page.
    This box shows you how many files you have submitted and how many of the required files you are missing. The Missing Required Files will initially be equal to the number of files you have to submit. As you submit the properly named files, this number will decrease.
    Assignment Rules
    This box has the assignment name, due date, and the names of the required files for the assignment. You must name your assignment submissions as indicted by the list: a lowercase a followed by the assignment number, then a lowercase q followed by the question number. The file extension must be .py. For example, for Assignment 02 Question 3, your file should be named a02q3.py
  2. Click the "Submissions" tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click "Add A New File". A new row will be added to the table. Click "Choose File" or "Submit" in the new row. (The button's name will depend on your web browser.) In the window that appears, browse to where you have saved your file and select it. Click the Submit button.
  4. Your submitted file will now appear in the table. Check that the filename is correct. If you click on the filename, you will see the contents of the file. You should check that the contents are correct, and that you have submitted what you wanted to submit.

It is best to submit each file individually (add a single file and submit, then repeat for all the files you have). While you can submit all your files at once, there have been instances in the past where the files were not properly submitted.

Replacing a file

You can only replace a file with one that has the same name.
Warning Do not use Internet Explorer to replace files. It will appear as though the change has gone through when it has not. Your files will not be replaced.

  • Under the "Replace" column, click "Choose File" or "Browse" for the file you want to replace. In the window that appears, browse to the replacement file and select it. Click the Submit button.

Deleting a file

If you have submitted the incorrect file, you can delete it by selecting the "Delete" box for the file and then clicking Submit. This is also an alternative way to replace a file: delete the file you want to replace and submit the correct version/file.

Viewing Assignment Marks and Results

Once marking for an assignment is completed, you can see your mark for each assignment on your MarkUs home page. For a more detailed breakdown of your mark along with marker comments, click the "Results" link.

  • On the right is your mark breakdown:

    Under this tab you can see the level you received for each criterion.
    Under this tab you can see the weight for each catagory and how your mark was added up.
  • On the left is the code for one of your files.

    1. To see marker comments, click on the left drop-down box (it is above and to the right of ''Annot. Summary'').
    2. Select "GRADED_ASSIGNMENT.py". This file contains all of your submissions.
    3. Put your mouse over any lines that are yellow. A box will appear with the marker's comments about that particular line of code, or a general note about your submission.
    • The ''Annot. Summary'' tab contains a list of all the comments a marker has made to your assignment. Click on the link at the top left of each comment to go to the associated code.

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