CS 116: Introduction to Computer Science 2

Grading Scheme

Grading Scheme

The grading scheme for Fall 2019 is as follows:

  • Assignments: 20%
  • Participation: 5%
  • Midterm: 30%
  • Final Exam: 45%


  • You must pass the weighted exam average in order to pass the course. For example, if you get 60% on the midterm (18/30) and 38% on the final (17.1/45), then you will not pass the course since your weighted exam average is 35.1/75 (less than 50%). This is independent of your assignment grade. If instead you received 35% on the midterm (10.5/30) and 60% on the final (27/45), then your weighted exam average is 37.5/75, a passing grade. In this case, you must get at least 12.5/25 on the assignments and participation to pass the course (since your final grade would be 50/100).
  • There are 9 assignments this term, all equally weighted. Your grade will be based on the best 8 out of the 9 assignments
  • Assignments are created by the instructor and are marked by the graduate student teaching assistants based on specification drawn up by the instructor. The midterm and final are created by the instructor and marked by the instructor, tutors, and all graduate teaching assistants.
  • Please note that you need to get at least 70% in CS116 to take CS136.

Assignment Grade Appeals

If you have problems with the marking of an assignment, please send the ISAs an email (cs116@uwaterloo.ca) within two weeks of the date the assignment was made available on MarkUs. The email must include your name, student number, Quest user ID, and assignment number. We also require that you list the questions you feel were marked incorrectly, and, for each of those questions, why you feel your mark should be changed. Please be aware that the assignment will be remarked in its entirety.

Midterm Grade Appeals

If you have problems with the marking of a midterm exam, please fill out a re-mark request form and return it to a CS116 ISA by email or in person within two weeks of the day when your marked exam became available.