CS 116: Introduction to Computer Science 2

Software needed for CS 116

Below are instructions for the two main downloads you will need in order to do your assignments for CS 116. If you have any problems downloading any software please contact a CS 116 ISA at cs116@uwaterloo.ca or come to an office hours, found here.

Python and WingIDE

Please follow the walkthroughs below:

Walkthrough for Windows users

Walkthrough for Mac users

Please note the following:

  • Unlike DrRacket and Scheme, Python is not bundled with the editor we recommend for this course. Follow the walkthroughs above to download the right versions for your computer.

  • There are many editors in which you can write your Python code; IDLE is an editor which comes packaged with Python, and it works fine. However, we have chosen to use the Wing IDE 101 editor as the standard IDE for our course. You don't have to use Wing IDE 101; you can develop your Python programs very successfully in other editors like IDLE, emacs, vi, or vim. If you prefer to use a program other than IDLE, you are more than welcome to. As long as you use Python 3, you'll be fine.

  • Note that if you double click a .py file in Windows Explorer, it will execute the code in the Python interpreter, not in Wing. If you want to open a file to edit in Wing, you can either open it using the "File>Open" menu in Wing, by right-clicking and choosing "edit with Wing", or by changing the default program for opening .py files.

  • Documentation about Wing IDE 101 is here, and also available by using the system's help files. They are not nearly as friendly as those of DrRacket, but they're more friendly than most editors' help files.

Compatibility of Wing and Python

  • We recommend you use Python v 3.7.3 with Wing101 v 7.1.0

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